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Redemption Through Forgiveness

Diagnosed with Multiple Personality Disorder and other mental illnesses, Lisa created personalities as a child to help her survive trauma and abuse. As an adult, she finally meets her alters and finds that they are Christian alters whom God will use to help her understand His great love and mercy toward her. It is when God gives Lisa one of the most difficult challenges of her life - to forgive the person that she hates the most, her mother - that she learns to accept God's forgiveness and salvation.

Little One's Story

Picking up where Redemption Through Forgiveness ended, Little One's Story is the continuing journey of how God used Lisa's mental illness to demonstrate His love and mercy for her. In this book, one of Lisa's alters, a dynamic and protective entity known as Little One, tells the heart wrenching story of her struggle to allow God to take her place in Lisa's life. A complex love triangle among Lisa, Little One and God, this inspirational story is a stirring account  of God's willingness to use any situation to pour out His grace and patience toward those who find it difficult to trust in Him.

About Me

A native of Illinois, I have worked in the health care field for 30 years. After graduating from Columbia College at the age of 42, I received degrees in Psychology and Human Services. I enjoy writing both fiction and non-fiction.  When not writing, I enjoy listening to music from the 1970s and watching Korean soap operas.  I love animals and live with my fur babies, six cats, and two dogs.

Questions or comments? Feel free to send me a message at LisaSlaton7@comcast.net.

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Reviewed by Lesley Jones for Readers' Favorite

In Redemption Through Forgiveness by Lisa Slaton, Lisa fears living more than dying. Abused and neglected as a child, Lisa was diagnosed with schizophrenia. As an adult, she battles with the voices in her head and tries to live a normal life, while longing to escape her mother's cruel torments. Lisa is introduced to God and finally finds out she has not only been wrongly diagnosed but discovers the peace and love she has longed for. As she comes to terms with her true diagnosis of Multiple Personality Disorder, Lisa makes a connection with her alters and realizes they have Christian beliefs that will lead her to salvation. Through her challenges with her dysfunctional family, loss, and illness, Lisa's faith is tested but finds God's love and mercy are infinite. As Lisa faces one more challenge from God, will she be able to forgive her abusive mother before it is too late?

Lisa Slaton is an inspiring and thought-provoking author. Lisa confronts her illness and abusive past with a brutal honesty that is both admirable and heartbreaking. Through her amazing descriptive narrative, we get a clear insight into the mind of someone with Multiple Personality Disorder. There are many memorable moments in Lisa's book, especially when she discovers the true meaning of the Old Testament and discovers the passage in Revelation. The confrontations with her mother are painful to read as Lisa's behavior seemed to revert back to that poor abused child. There are many powerful messages in Redemption Through Forgiveness that we can learn from. The meaning of true salvation and the realization that what you hope for is not always what you truly need. God has a bigger plan for all of us; we must simply learn to put our faith in Him.


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